Effective 1 March 2008, the main page for Elvert Xavier Barnes will be at
www.elvertbarnes.com.  During the transition and, perhaps beyond, the 2005 - 2007 page
as well as an
older site will remain online which connect to pages providing important and
historic as well as archival information regarding my body of work, dating back to 1992.

Having always expressed more than just passing interests in reading,
writing and
photography as well as history and documentation - it was not by coincidence nor without
some thought that after having received a Minolta as a December 1991 Christmas gift that
it was in 1992 that the integration of my photography with my writing began to represent a
therapeutic means by which for me to deal with the institutionalized racism that I was
experiencing at the time.

One of the first trips that I took in 1992 was a March trip to San Francisco.  The only other
time that I had been to the west coast was Easter 1988 when I visited Gerald Riveron in
Hollywood.  An April trip to Baltimore followed.  Memorial Day and Independence Day were
spent in NYC.  I joined Helen and Marcus in Chicago for the July 1992 Taste of Chicago.  
An August weekend trip to Rehoboth preceeded Labor Day at Fire Island.  And as I traveled
throughout country always with my camera, I gained much better insight of the historical,
economic, social and long term impact that 'particular incidents of racism' from the past had
had or that experiences, in the present, may would have on my life.

While my focus has always been rooted in 'capturing moments in time that can not ever be
again', a very natural progression for me, as an artist whose interests lie more in
documentation ... was not only to document the times in which I live while shedding light on
my personal story, but, in a most profound way, use my art to affect / effect change.

Upon returning to WDC from the various trips I, usually, visited with my family in Southern
Maryland before taking off on the next one.  And, it was during these times that my nephew,
Leander, and I had many discussions and conversations about many different things.

Like me, Leander always had a very postiive attitude about life.  And, himself.

Though spring does not sprang until 21 March, it is in celebration of the life of my nephew,
Leander Thaddeus Barnes, that I step into spring ... with the launching of this new website.

1992 through 2007 may represent reflections of the past, it is in the spring of 2008
that I now visualize new stories, create new memories and, project into the future!
Leander Barnes . 6 March 1962 - 20 October 1995
Elvert Xavier Barnes Projections (1992 - 2007)
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