"Fifi" - Lincoln Schatz - River House
Trigadilly / Chas Colburn . NE WDC
Public Art In Public Spaces / 2008
Elvert Xavier Barnes Projections:  photography  .  videography  .  writings  .  ads
"Lingua" . Jim Sanborn . WCC
WMATA Metro Arts - Mount Vernon
Crystal City Flight Artists Studio
Nautical Artifacts . SW Waterfront
Sign Post For Humanity - Robert Cole
"Emerge" . 10th Street Art Walk / DC
Cool Globes . Green Apple Fest DC
G. Byron Beck Murals
Columbia Heights by Marela Zacarias
Sankofa by Akili Ron Anderson
Glory of the Chinese Descendants
The Hand (1968 Resurrection City)
One Planet Ours US Botanic Garden
Crystal Flight (Revisited)
House 1 - Roy Lichtenstein