October 2009 NATIONAL EQUALITY MARCH (NEM) / Washington DC
Congressional Cemetery . 1801 E Street, SE, Washington DC
Saturday afternoon, 10 October 2009
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Matlovich Memorial & DADT Protest . 10 October 2009
DADT Protest News Conference
Walk to the Chapel / Ceremony
Ceremony outside of Chapel
Walk from Chapel to Gravesite
Wreathlaying at Gravesite
Walk to Chapel / Ceremony VIDEO
Rev. Troy Perry / Ceremony VIDEO
I began my documentation of the National
Equality March on Saturday afternoon, 10
October 2009 with the
Leonard Matlovich
Memorial & DADT Protest at the
Congressional Cemetery in SE Washington

Spearheaded by Michael Bedwell of the
Leonard Matlovich Memorial and in
collaboration with Dan Choi of
Knights Out
and the
Servicemembers Legal Defense
Network the event was captured as follows ...