in connection with SEASONAL DISORDERS documentary project by ELVERT BARNES
Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that occurs at the same time every year. If you're like most
people with
seasonal affective disorder, your symptoms start in the fall and may continue into the winter months,
sapping your energy and making you feel moody. Less often, seasonal affective disorder causes depression in the
spring or early summer.  I know something about SAD as one of
my closet friends who I knew from my days a federal
government employee suffered from it for several years, as had her mother, before her passing in the
fall of 1993.

This project is not about that.  As I do not suffer from SAD nor depression.  In fact, while spring and fall are my favorite
times of the year I actually enjoy and appreciate all four seasons of the year.  And my preference for summer over
winter has more to do with the physical affects that cold weather has on my body as opposed to my mind or spirit.
Saturday, 7 September 2019 Trip to WDC for Catering
My memories of the SOUTHWEST WATERFRONT date back to the fall
of 1972 when friends and I would visit the gay nightclubs
PIER 9 and
LOST AND FOUND on weekends.

And, then, in 1974 when on a cooperative program between the
University of Maryland and the US Coast Guard HQ that I worked at the
NASSIF Buiding at 7th and D Street, SW, and as a result became very
familiar with the L'Enfant Plaza Complex.  The USCG HQ has since
relocated to the Navy Yard Complex along M Street, SE, WDC.

Over the years, other federal government employees and I would
lunch at SWDC waterfront restaurants during the day, while friends
and I dined there at night.

And since when from November 2001 through September 2011 that I
lived at
ongoing photography projects.

I have more than 45 years of vivid memories of SWDC.
Tuesday, 10 September 2019 Trip to WDC for Catering
Wednesday, 11 September 2019 Trip to Crystal City VA