In Commemoration of the 41st Anniversary of the STONEWALL RIOTS
40th Annual NYC Heritage of Pride Celebration
as captured in the streets of Chelsea & the West Village . New York City, NY . Sunday, 27 June 2010
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NYC Pride 2010

For the purpose of this photoessay, let's start with the first gay pride that I ever attended.  Which was 30
years ago, in June of 1980, when I took the AMTRAK from WDC to NYC to spend the weekend with my
best friend, Frank.  Who, at the time, shared a first floor apartment with at least two other guys at 165
Christopher Street at the corner of Washington Street in the West Village.

An Italian from Long Island, Frank
Gramarossa and I had been close friends since, as freshmen, that we
first met at Easton dorm at the University of Maryland / College Park in September 1973.

40th Heritage of Pride PARADE / West Village . NYC
Megabus #M21 from WDC to NYC
18th PRIDEFEST . Hudson Street / West Village . NYC
After 40th Heritage of Pride Parade / West Village . NYC
NYPD . 2010 Heritage of Pride Parade & Festival
Walk to NYC Pride Parade / Festival
40th Heritage of Pride Celebration . Chelsea / 8th Avenue
40th Heritage of Pride . Abingdon Square / 8th Avenue
Windows / New York City (2010)
NYC Graffiti / Tagging (2010)
Sunday, 27 June 2010 NYC GAY PRIDE @ FLICKR