In Commemoration of the 41st Anniversary of the STONEWALL RIOTS
40th Annual NYC Heritage of Pride Celebration
as captured in the streets of Chelsea & the West Village . New York City, NY . Sunday, 27 June 2010
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NYC Pride 2010

For the purpose of this photoessay, let's start with the first gay pride that I ever attended.  Which was 30
years ago, in June of 1980, when I took the AMTRAK from WDC to NYC to spend the weekend with my
best friend, Frank.  Who, at the time, shared a first floor apartment with at least two other guys at 165
Christopher Street at the corner of Washington Street in the West Village.

An Italian from Long Island, Frank and I had been close friends since, as freshmen, that we first met at
Easton dorm at the University of Maryland / College Park in September 1973.

40th Heritage of Pride PARADE / West Village . NYC
Megabus #M21 from WDC to NYC
18th PRIDEFEST . Hudson Street / West Village . NYC
After 40th Heritage of Pride Parade / West Village . NYC
NYPD . 2010 Heritage of Pride Parade & Festival
Walk to NYC Pride Parade / Festival
40th Heritage of Pride Celebration . Chelsea / 8th Avenue
40th Heritage of Pride . Abingdon Square / 8th Avenue
Windows / New York City (2010)
NYC Graffiti / Tagging (2010)