Celebrating the 98th Anniversary of Japan's Gift of the Cherry Blossom Trees to the Nation's Capital
Washington DC . 27 March - 11 April 2010
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2010 NCBF Artwork
by  Junko Yamada
Kick-Off Press Conference . Newseum
Thursday morning, 4 March 2010
Having captured some aspect of the
National Cherry Blossom Festival in
Washington DC most years since
1993 I made a point to attend last
Thursday morning's
2010 National
Cherry Blossom Festival Kick Off
Press Conference at the Newseum.  

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Community Cherry Blossom Art Show
Union Station . NE WDC . 25 March 2010
The 2010 National Cherry Blossom Festival Annual
Community Cherry Blossom Art Show at Union Station in
NE Washington DC celebrates the creativity of DC Public
and Charter School students whose artwork focuses on
expressing how the cherry blossom trees in Washington
DC spread the message of goodwill and friendship.

Click image on the right to view the photo album and here is the video compilation.

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National Cherry Blossom Festival
Tidal Basin Walk / WDC . 1 April 2010
National Cherry Blossom Festival PARADE
Constitution Avenue, NW, DC . 10 April 2010
Credit Union Cherry Blossom
10 Mile Run . 11 April 2010
While in past years, I have spent several days capturing the cherry
blossom season along the Tidal Basin in SW Washington DC ... as a
result of the racism that I experience whenever and where ever I go and,
in particular, as a black male with a camera ...this year, I only made it
down for a ritual cherry blossom photo walk on
one occasion.

Normally, "the walk" would start at one end of the Tidal Basin and wind
around to the other side.  Shortly after beginning the
Thursday,  1 April
2010 walk from the east side ... and with the racsim being so thick ...
instead of continuing on to the west side, I'd head northwest across the
National Mall, up 17th Street to Dupont Circle.  Where, once again, I'd
experience "Deja Vu" all over again!